Electric Safety

Please share this information. It may save a child's life.

  1. Don't touch or go near any broken or hanging electric lines. These wires can have electricity running through them and could shock a person and even cause death. Tell an adult about the broken or hanging line.
  2. Stay away from any place that says "Danger-High Voltage". Places that have lots of wires and electric equipment are very, very dangerous. Don't climb over the fence or go near these areas. The electricity inside can hurt you or even kill you.
  3. Flying a kite can be fun if following certain safety measures. Fly the kite away from electric wires. Only fly your kite in dry weather. Don't use metal string or wet string.
  4. Bare wires can cause shock or fire. If you see an electric cord that is broken or the wires are showing through, tell your parents.
  5. Ask your parents for help if you are using an extension cord. Make sure the size of the cord is enough to supply electricity to the appliance. Cords with too small of wire could get hot and could cause a fire.
  6. Water can carry electricity. Don't ever use a hairdryer, radio, or electric shaver near a bathtub or sink. If it fell into the water you could get shocked.