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June 6, 2016

5:15 P.M.



The city council met in regular session with the following present:  Mayor Jack E. Rowden; Councilmen Dean Banker, Dan Corpening, Shannon Crawford, Jason Teeter, and Frankie Thomas.


Others present were City Inspector Josh Grubbs, City Clerk Thomas G. Hicks, Chief of Police Courtney Leslie, Outside Utilities Supervisor Paul Nordyke, Electric System Supervisor Gary Rowden, City Attorney Wayne R. Tate, Pete Earles, Andy and Mary Farmer, Jim Ghumm, Matt Green, Vicki Hubin, Amanda Randle, Scott Schechter, Ralph Sittingdown, and Ruthie Winget.


Mayor Jack E. Rowden presided.


Motion by Dan Corpening, seconded by Frankie Thomas, that the minutes of May 9, 2016 be approved as mailed.  Motion carried.


Each member of the governing body was provided a copy of Municipal Judge Paula Sosa’s report for the month of May, showing 23 new cases brought before the court and $2,278.00 remitted to the city.  Motion by Crawford, seconded by Teeter, to accept the report.  Motion carried.



City Inspector Josh Grubbs provided his monthly activities report.



Vicki Hubin, with the Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center, asked for continued support from the city from the 2017 budget.  Her group provides services to physically and sexually abused children and to children who have witnessed a violent crime.  Motion by Councilman Shannon Crawford, seconded by Councilman Dean Banker, that the city contribute $1,500.00 from the 2017 budget.  Motion carried.



Scott Schechter asked for approval for the use of Third Street from Main Street to Monroe Street and for the use of city water to flood Third Street for the Rotary Club’s Fourth of July duck race.  Motion by Thomas, seconded by Banker, to grant the request.  Motion carried.



Andy and Mary Farmer returned to update the city council on the cleanup of their property at 516 W. Ninth.  City Inspector Josh Grubbs provided slides of the current condition of the Farmer’s property.  Although progress has been made, there are still a number of items that need to be removed.  Motion by Frankie Thomas, seconded by Don Corpening, to give Mr. Farmer until November 30, 2016 to complete the cleanup.  Motion carried.



Ralph Sittingdown returned to update the city council on the cleanup of his property at 215 S. Main.  Mr. Sittingdown is very close to completing his cleanup.  He was instructed to return to the September 6, 2016 city council meeting for his next update.



Motion by Dean Banker, seconded by Frankie Thomas, that Ordinance No. 832, AN ORDINANCE VACATING THE ALLEY LOCATED DIRECTLY NORTH OF AND ADJACENT TO LOTS FIVE (5), SIX (6), SEVEN (7), EIGHT (8) AND NINE (9), BLOCK TWO (2), STEVENS COUNTY INDUSTRIAL PARK, PLAT NO. 1, TO THE CITY OF HUGOTON, STEVENS COUNTY, KANSAS, ACCORDING TO THE DULY FILED AND RECORDED PLAT THEREOF, be passed.  In favor of the motion:  Councilman Banker, yes; Councilman Corpening, yes; Councilman Crawford, yes; Councilman Teeter, yes; and Councilman Thomas, yes.  Motion carried.



City Engineer Pete Earles reported he has reviewed Kansas Dairy Ingredients’ plans.  He has asked for a revised version with corrections.  The city engineer and city attorney will work on preparing the letter of intent KDI has requested from the city to accept an additional large volume of wastewater for a limited time.



For the additional electrical requirements, KDI will be responsible for the cost of the transformer and the material costs for the underground service.  Motion by Corpening, seconded by Thomas, to approve the extension of electrical service, through an agreement the city attorney will prepare detailing each parties’ share of the costs.  Motion carried.



Jim Ghumm asked for permission for Sixth Street to be blocked off from Jackson to the alley between Jackson and Van Buren Streets if he decides to sponsor a promotional event for Ghumm’s Auto Center in July.  Motion by Banker, seconded by Teeter, to grant the request.  Motion carried.



The Safe Routes to Schools project is expected to begin June 13.  The contractor has circulated a flyer that property owners are responsible for flagging their sprinkler systems and any damages to unmarked or improperly marked sprinkler systems will be the responsibility of the property owners.  For the sake of public relations, Outside Utilities Supervisor Paul Nordyke stated he would have his crew try to flag the sprinkler systems and repair any damaged lines.



The outside utilities supervisor presented two proposals from Matcor for cathodic protection for water well #15.  The price to drill the holes for the anodes is $12,781.00.  The price to trench and install the anode system is $11,124.00.  Because of the dry climate, the city will need to water the area for the cathodic protection system to work properly.  Trenching will enable the watering.  Motion by Banker, seconded by Thomas, to accept the bid of $11,124.00.  Motion carried. 



The outside utilities supervisor also presented a bid of $34,500.00 for a 2016 Ford F250 crew cab 4X4 V-8 pickup from Ghumm’s Auto Center with 19,600 miles for the water department.  His plan is to take the bed off the 2007 Ford pickup currently used by the water department and install it on the 2016 vehicle.  The flatbed on the 1980 Chevy pickup used for spraying will be installed on the 2007.  The 1980 pickup will be put up for sale.  Motion by Thomas, seconded by Banker, to accept the bid of $34,500.00.  Motion carried.





Joe and Lisa LeNeve, who reside at 701 S. Adams, are trying to sell their property.  At the time they purchased the property, an affidavit of non-conforming use was attached to the property due to the previous owner’s construction of an addition to a garage right on the property line in violation of the city’s building codes.  The board of zoning appeals denied a variance request in 2001.  Because of the non-conforming use issue, the LeNeve’s are having trouble with prospective buyers getting clear title.  City Attorney Wayne R. Tate stated the LeNeve’s only recourse would be to try for a variance again.



Mayor Jack E. Rowden announced the reappointment of Richard Rome and Tony Stegman to the planning commission.  Motion by Teeter, seconded by Crawford, to confirm the reappointments, with terms to expire June, 2019.  Motion carried.



Mayor Rowden announced the reappointment of Tony Stegman to the board of zoning appeals.  Motion by Banker, seconded by Corpening, to confirm the reappointment, with term to expire June, 2019.  Motion carried.


Claims against the city were presented and audited.  Motion by Crawford, seconded by Banker, that Appropriation Ordinances No. 2055 and 2056 be passed.  Motion carried.


Motion by Dean Banker, seconded by Dan Corpening, that the meeting go into executive session in regard to personnel matters of non-elected personnel.  Motion carried.  Mayor Rowden called the meeting into executive session at 6:32 p.m. with the meeting to reconvene in open session at 6:47 p.m.


The meeting reconvened in open session at 6:44 p.m.



The Board of Convention and Tourism Activities is recommending the expenditure of $1,000.00 to the Stevens County Fair.  Motion by Councilman Banker, seconded by Councilman Thomas, to approve the expenditure, along with a $51.47 meal reimbursement for the board meeting.  Motion carried.


Motion by Banker, seconded by Corpening, that the meeting adjourn.  Motion carried.






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