Water Department

The Water Department provides potable water to the city's residents and businesses within the city limits from seven (7) wells within the corporate limits and the surrounding area. Wells #10 and #15 are pumped into a 500,000 gallon reservoir on the north end of town and #12 is pumped into a 250,000 gallon reservoir downtown. These reservoirs supply the demand for Hugoton. Wells #8, 9, 11, and 15 pump directly into the system and are used in high demand situations.

Image4_smallThe wells and pumps are monitored and controlled 24 hours per day by an automated system.

With a population of approximately 3966, Hugoton has an estimated 1,708 water meters in use today throughout our small community. Some customers utilize more than one water meter for lawn sprinkler systems and workshops.

Hugoton has 1.5 MG of storage capacity to serve the community, consisting of one 750,000 gallon overhead storage tank, one 500,000 gallon underground storage tank, and one 250,000 gallon storage tank.

For questions regarding the water department, contact Roy Jackson at 620-544-8531.

Sometimes customers experience trouble with their water service. Any problems with your service should be reported to the water department. Below are some suggestions for troubleshooting to help you narrow down the problem:



Water Bill is Unusually High Water leak or Incorrect Meter Reading. Contact office to have meter reread and meter checked for leaks. If the leak is in your lines, you will be responsible for contacting a plumber.
Low Water Pressure Water Softener in Use or Old Pipes with Corrosion blocking the flow of water. Check with your neighbors to see if their pressure is low also. If not, call a plumber to have your plumbing checked. If the neighbors also have low pressure, call the city water department.
Lid is Missing from Meter Can Contact water department for replacement.
Leaking Meter Contact water department, or after hours contact the Power Plant.
No Water Frozen meter or frozen pipes in winter or water department has water shut off for repairs in main lines temporarily.
Rusty or Dirty Water Water department may have been working on water lines. This stirs up rust in your pipes from the increased water pressure.

Should you discover a leak in a water fixture or from a damaged pipe in your home or business, check to see if there is a shutoff valve near the source of the leak. If not, locate and turn off the master valve that controls the water flow to your premises.

The Water Department also marks property lines within the city limits. Contact the office with the address and location of lines needing marked.

For a current copy of the City of Hugoton Water Quality Report, please click on the link below.